Our mission is to provide you the best 
possible services and a warm atmosphere so 
can enjoy, relax and unwind.
Our desire is to ensure your satisfaction 
with our experience and attentive staffs, 
utmost sanitation standards, and quality
products from the most trusted names 
in the beauty industry.
Our selection includes OPI, Solar Nails by Creative Nails Design, Tammy Taylor, IBD Gel, CUCCIO Naturale, Dermalogica, etc.

1. Can I get fungus by having artificial nails?

Fungus is not cause by wearing Acrylic/Gel nails. However, when lifting occurs and is neglected, moisture gets trapped in between artificial nail beds, creating “water mole” (green or tan in color). This is often mistakenly called fungus. Water Mole is not a disease or serious condition if recognized and treated properly. The color stain can be buffed away, disinfected and will eventually grow out. This condition should not occur if enhancement and up-keeps are done properly and regularly.

2. How often should I get my nails Fill-in?

Between 10 to 21 days depending how fast your nails grow. We recommend up-keep every two weeks.

3. How often should I replace my artificial nails?

This depends on each individual’s daily activities and scheduled up- keep of her nails. For an average person, a new set is usually recommended in between 2 to 4 months.

4. Should I take the artificial nails off every so often to let my nails breathe?

Nails are dead tissues when growing out of your nail plates; they do not
breathe. However, in trying to ensure the health of your nails, you should
receive services from your regular manicurist at a reputable establishment
that use quality products.

5. My cuticles are dry and parched. HELP!

Cold weather, cleaning chemicals, or simply picking and biting your nails can all contribute to this problem. In fact, the greatest way to damage your cuticles is from lack of attention. We recommend a European Manicure, which consist of a Sea Salt Glow Treatment and a Paraffin Warm Wax for dry and cracked skin. Here are a few tips you might try out at home:
• Use gloves when gardening, cleaning, and dishwashing
• Apply lotion after bath or hand wash
• Apply cuticle oil more frequently

6. What are your sanitation procedures?

Ensuring your health and safety is our number one priority, every Manicurist at Royal Nails & Spa Understands the importance of this issue and must strictly Follow sanitation guidelines by the State Board of Cosmetology.
A. Every Client is supplied with a new nail file and buffer at no charge.
B. All metal implements must be sterilized after being used.
C. Every Nail Station and Pedicure Spa Chair is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each client.


If You Are Uncertain About Any of These Procedures Being Met,

Please Notify Any Of Our Staff Immediately. Thank You!